The coming of the warm weather usually means a busy time for our company. I’m optimistic that this summer will be a good one – for all of us.

To make that a reality, we need to work together.

There’s one simple thing you can join me in doing to help the cause.

Please make sure you fill out the easy to use tracker at to help us measure how we are doing against the nonunion threat. This is the best way for us to get a clear view of the markets we are winning and losing. The numbers below tell just a small portion of the story.

Hours Lost = 8,996*

Mechanical Revenue Lost = $5.27 Million*

*Based on data submitted by MCAKC Contractors dating back to October 2011.

I’ve said many times that our industry is at a crossroads. We’re on the right track toward making union contracting more competitive.

However, the reality right now is that it’s been a long time since the phone would ring from the homeowner in distress because the A/C or plumbing needs repair. It’s also true that many general contractors won’t call a union mechanical contractor to install or service any residential or light commercial project.

We had that work once, and we can have it again. The MCAKC will continue to work with our union teammates to find solutions to bring back those union projects, jobs and hours. We will continue to work on packages that make us more competitive against the nonunion shops.

However, you can make the difference as well.

Join me in committing to growth by using the MCAKC Job Tracker:

Bill Adams
President, MCA-KC