That’s MCAKC’s Vision…and it’s part of the Association’s overall working Strategic Plan developed last fall by a number of contractors representing a wide range of our membership and subsequently approved by the Board of Directors.

These contractors volunteered their time to evaluate outcomes of MCAKC’s previous Strategic Plan, review input from other member contractors, and prepare a new plan that would add greater value to the entire membership and support the growth of union mechanical contracting.

Based on feedback from our members, we kept it focused with a Mission Statement and four key Goals – with clear, specific objectives. The four key Goals are as follows:

  • Goal #1: Labor RelationsTo make us more competitive in the marketplace.
  • Goal #2: Contractor Education To improve the performance of contractor companies.
  • Goal #3: Industry IssuesTo promote the industry and grow market share for our membership.
  • Goal #4: Association AdministrationTo deliver increasing value to the membership and the industry.

If you have not already done so, I encourage you to review the plan and refer to it periodically, as this document is your Association’s guide to running its day-to-day operations, serving its membership, and ultimately supporting an increase in union mechanical projects and jobs.


Bob Looman
Executive Director, MCAKC