Our Membership includes 38 Member Contractors and 19 Associate Members

Members participate in the association at many levels including serving on targeted committees.

Member Contractors


Student Chapters

Mechanical Contractors are always in need of well-educated and talented individuals to fill professional positions in Project Management, Estimating, and Business Operations. To find these individuals, they turn to Colleges and Universities offering academic programs relating to Mechanical Construction and Service.

The MCAKC sponsors two Student Chapters; Pittsburg State University and Kansas State UniversityThese relationships allow Students the opportunity to learn more about the industry by attending regular meetings, participating in project tours, networking with local contractors, and taking part in community service projects with industry peers.

All involved in the Student Chapter Program – Students, Faculty, Contractors, and Sponsors – benefit from their investment of time and resources. Students and Faculty know that the Association is dedicated to helping Students prepare for careers in the Mechanical Construction Industry.

Kansas State

2017-18 Chapter Leadership

Jared Kirkland

Vice President
Drew Deters

Evan Engel

Tanner Hughes

Assistant Treasurer
Don Curtis

Activities Chair
Taylor Whitlow

Open House Coordinator
Zach Queen

Faculty Advisor
Paul Karr

Faculty Advisor
Jongchul Song

Pittsburg State

2017-18 Chapter Leadership

Aaron Hall

Vice President
 Matt Jeffries

Joey Hundley

Colten Lovejoy

Events Chair
Cameron Christopher

Development Chair
Brandon Huppert

Faculty Advisor
Shannon Nicklaus

Associate Members

Non-Member Signatory Contractors

Union Teammates

Our Union Teammates, consisting of Plumbers Local 8 and Pipe Fitters Local 533, play a major role in the growth and success of the Mechanical Contractors Association of Kansas City (MCAKC). From their ranks, MCAKC Contractors can draw upon highly skilled and trained Plumbers and Pipe Fitters to perform vital functions in the mechanical and service industry. This relationship assures a rigid and comprehensive training and education program that develops and promotes professionalism, cost effectiveness, and the productivity of union construction and service.